Using Cloud Assets

There are several ways to add the Point Cloud Asset to your level.

The simplest and recommended one is to drag-and-drop the chosen cloud from your Content Browser into the level. This will automatically create an instance of a PointCloudActor and assign your specified cloud to it.


Alternatively, you can create some blank PointCloudActor objects manually by dragging them from the Plugin’s C++ Classes directory.


If you cannot see those folders, make sure you have Show Plugin Content option selected


Once you have some PointCloudActors in your level, use their Point Cloud property in the details panel to assign the chosen clouds. Either drag-and-drop the cloud from Content Browser onto the property or open the property’s drop down menu and select wanted asset.


Finally, you can highlight the cloud you would like to add to the level, then right-click somewhere in the view port and select Place Actor.