Supported Platforms

While the Plugin comes with full source code access, and therefore can be re-compiled to target virtually any platform supported by the Unreal Engine 4, it has only been significantly tested on Windows, with Mac OS and Linux reported working by users.

Both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift were tested, and should work without issues.

Multiplayer has been reported working, although has not been tested thoroughly.

Mobile support is not planned at this time, mostly due to very high hardware requirements of rendering Point Clouds, and relatively low performance capabilities of such devices.

Supported Formats

Currently, the plugin recognizes extensions LAS, TXT and XYZ (CSV has been removed as to avoid conflicts with the built-in DataTable importer). Anything text-based using columns should be supported if renamed to one of those.

Support for PLY and binary (LAZ, e57) formats is planned.

Supported Engine Versions

The Plugin has been tested using the binary versions of UE4.18, UE4.19, UE4.20, UE4.21, UE4.22 and UE4.23.

Source versions will require code-based project to work, and the Plugin will need to be re-compiled before it can be used.