Eye-Dome Lighting

What is it?

The Eye-Dome Lighting is a non-photorealistic lighting model, which helps accentuate the shapes of different objects within the point cloud by grouping points which are close to each other, and shading their outlines. It does not require any UE4 light sources and so, can be used with the Unlit rendering method.

It may be used in combination with the Ambient Occlusion, but this could produce excessively dark image. It is generally recommended to disable or decrease the intensity of AO.

For full description of the technique itself, please refer to: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/320616607_Eye-Dome_Lighting_a_non-photorealistic_shading_technique

Enabling The Technique

The EDL is implemented as a Post-Process material and requires Post Process Volume to work.
It can be found under Modes tab > Volumes category > Post Process Volume.

Drag the PPV to your level to create a new instance (or use an existing one).


Once in the level, select it and scroll to Rendering Features category. Expand Post Process Materials and click on the + icon, to add a new one. From the drop down menu select Asset reference.

From the new drop down menu, select one of the two following options:

  • M_PP_EDL_MainPass
    This will apply the EDL to every object in the level, not just point clouds. If you only display the cloud elements, this is the recommended option.

  • M_PP_EDL_CustomPass
    This will apply the EDL only to objects using Custom Depth Pass. This setting can be found under Rendering’s advanced section, and can be applied for point clouds and other meshes. Recommended, if you want to selectively apply the technique.
    NOTE: Enabling Custom Depth Pass will incur a performance cost.

To apply the EDL to the whole level, enable the Infinite Extent (Unbound) option on the PPV.

Finally, it is recommended to reduce the Ambient Occlusion intensity or disable it completely.