The Plugin is still in beta phase, be prepared that some things may go wrong. If you encounter issues, please let us know.

Short Usage Survey
Please take a minute to fill this short, anonymous survey to help us understand the usage context better. This will allow us to more optimally prioritize further improvements.

Thanks! :)


Early Access

Early access versions come with absolutely no guarantees of working and being stable. They may contain hot features and changes, which are still in heavy development, and only went through initial and brief testing.

In other words - enjoy but tread carefully :)

Estimated release date: -

Note: Binary versions may on occasion be slightly behind the GIT repository.

GIT Repository
Git version requires code-based project, as no binaries are included, but should be compatible with all engine versions 4.18+.



Click here to read the Release Notes

Demo Project

You can now download a Demo Project showcasing some of the functionality (more to come). It requires v0.7b of the Plugin to work (not included).



Older versions of the plugin have been removed from Download, but are still available upon request.