Point Cloud Plugin v0.6b

New Features / Improvements

  • Efficient GPU streaming, allowing support for huge data sets (1 billion and more)

  • Dramatically decreased VRAM requirements (under 100MB per cloud in most cases)

  • Significantly decreased RAM requirements (upwards of 50%)

  • Rendering uses point-budgeting to maintain stable FPS at all times, regardless of cloud size

  • Added support for Eye-Dome Lighting technique

  • Much improved import times

  • Duplicate points detection

  • Import works in asynchronous manner

  • Support for importing multiple clouds concurrently

  • Dynamic sprite size adjustment

  • Option to allocate higher quality towards the center of the screen

  • Improved and simplified UI

  • Simplified Custom Materials

  • Better Blueprint exposure

  • Support for UE4.23

  • Support for multiple instances of the same cloud

  • Set of runtime Point Selection functions to help query the data inside the cloud

  • Efficient runtime Insertion and Removal of points

  • Rendering settings work on per-component basis now, rather than per-asset

  • Switching between Points and Sprites no longer requires rebuilding

  • Per-project plugin settings

  • STAT PointCloud for easier profiling

  • Point Cloud Exporting

  • Code is more coherent, understandable and with better documentation


  • Fixed several stability issues and crashes

  • Fixed import precision issues

  • Fixed occasional incorrect switching of Render Method upon reimport

  • Fixed issues with releasing rendering resources

  • Fixed many LOD related issues

Other Changes

  • Plugin now requires Shader Model 5 compatible graphics card

  • Removed support for Low Precision rendering, as the VRAM requirements are no longer an issue. This will improve shader recompilation times

  • Removed SinglePolySprite